Dear Willy, The Story of a Life Well Lived

Dear Willy, is the true story of Willy Oswald Geheb’s life told through journals, letters, documents, and photos found in an old suitcase stored away since 1947.  When translated from the old German script a wealth of information was learned about a remarkable man born in Schmirma, Germany in 1900.  In 1923, Willy, the fourth of eight children, left Germany to seek adventure, find success, and provide for the family he left behind.  Follow Willy’s adventures, endeavors, and conflicts in Brazil, Mexico and the United States.  Get to know the ideals, beliefs and struggles of his family living in Germany during WWI, the Weimar Republic, Adolph Hitler, WWII, and the aftermath of WWII in East Germany.  Although living thousands miles away, Willy never broke the bond with his German family.  He continually sent money and packages of necessities to help them through their struggles.  Willy’s love of family and strong values were instilled into the American Geheb family which he and his wife, Irma, created in Chicago, Illinois.  Willy’s legacy is a growing family of fifty-three Gehebs.